Symfuhny Leaves Kick Star xQc Baffled With a Dig Over Actual Time Spent Playing Games on Stream

Canadian streamer xQc is considered one of the most popular content creators in the world right now. While the creator gained his early following thanks to his Overwatch streams, he hasn’t been so regular with gaming in recent times. The subject has become the center of an unexpected jab by another streamer recently.

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Streamer Symfuhny is a professional Call of Duty: Warzone player who gained a lot of admiration for his skills. While he was streaming recently, his stream was being watched xQc which led to a rather unexpected jibe by the former. While xQc is easily one of the most loved creators thanks to his generosity towards fans, even he isn’t safe from the CoD streamer’s sharp aim.

CoD streamer tries a headshot on xQc


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xQc is one of the biggest streamers in the world. While was one of the most-subscribed creators on Twitch, he left the purple platform over its policies. Instead, he signed one of the biggest deals ever with the up-and-coming streaming platform Kick. xQc was one of the creators who gained a lot of following with his Overwatch and Minecraft gameplay. However, after his reputation as a streamer blew up, xQc cut short on gaming to adjust for more new content.

In a recent live stream of Symfuhny, xQc was looking on at the former’s skills in-game. Symfuhny was engaged in a team deathmatch round and was seen trying to get the most kills like everyone else. All of a sudden, Symfuhny noticed xQc as one of the viewers of the stream. The Canadian didn’t want to be noticed and was evidently trying to evade the attention.

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However, Symfuhny wasn’t all that ignorant and his eagle-eyed stare didn’t let the fact slip. Right after that, Symfuhny stated that xQc isn’t seen playing games too much. “When does he play the games?“, said Symfuhny, brewing on xQc’s lack of gaming lately. The Kick star was visibly taken aback by the unexpected comment and didn’t seem all too pleased.

xQc attracts sneers for more things than just not playing games

The attack on xQc is the latest in a long line of allegations and accusations that have come his way. After signing a deal with Kick, valued at 100 million dollars, the streamer was accused of earning too much without doing anything too significant. The allegations didn’t sit well with him and he responded back saying he would be trying to secure his future like everyone else.


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While xQc isn’t new to such attacks, we expect him to come back with a response soon. What do you think xQc will do to establish himself as a gaming streamer? Tell us in the comments below.

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