“This Isn’t Like Aaron Rodgers Going to the Jets”: Veteran Analyst Suggests Chris Paul Won’t Need to Be the “Saviour” for Stephen Curry & Co.

Each off-season trade serves a purpose of the franchise, but certain moves spark debates all around. The Golden State Warriors acquiring Chris Paul has been one example of precisely that. Amidst the doubts, a veteran analyst played down his importance for the team of Stephen Curry using Aaron Rodgers as a reference.

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The NBA writer explained his thoughts on the ongoing talks surrounding CP3’s contributions to the Warriors. He shared his remarks candidly as he brought the NFL star’s name to the forefront.

What did the NBA analyst mention?


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Recently, Marc J. Spears shared his insights into the potential role of Chris comparing the situation to Rodgers’ New York Jets move. The sports world deemed the 39-year-old joining the Jets as an act of savior, something that Paul would not need to become. Marc stated, This isn’t like Aaron Rodgers going to the Jets and trying to be a savior,” to convey his feelings.

A veteran point guard like Chris might not get much game time in his new team, a situation he had never been part of before. Despite the record of starting 1214 consecutive games, the 38-year-old could be benched in various games. Thus, Spears described it as an “odd situation,” as “he is the one that has to fit in”. The 12-time All-Star would have to fit into the Warriors culture, leaving behind his tag of talisman. The NBA personality hinted at that stating, He is gonna have to be one of the guys instead of the guy“. He further indicated a possible “good nervousness” in the dressing room for the former Phoenix Suns superstar. Marc’s words carried a certain volume, as his stance could well prove to become true. All this pushes a question further into the limelight.


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Why did Chris Paul team up with Stephen Curry?

Despite being one of the best players in the league since the 2000s, Chris has been in long search of a championship. He has been part of numerous franchises with impeccable winning records but failed to win one for himself. His teams always have fallen short in the playoffs after a remarkable regular season with the Suns being a latest example of that. Thus, towards the twilight of his time in the NBA, the point god has decided to put aside his ego in order to give his dream another chance.

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Joining the Warriors marked a significant for both parties, as they needed each other for their personal benefits. He might not become the savior for Stephen but can help the 4-time champion get his hands on his much-coveted fifth. Drawing the curtains on an illustrious career like this would not be bad for Chris Paul.

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