VIDEO: Cyclist Narrowly Escapes Close Encounter with Grizzly, Leaving Spectators Shocked to Their Core

Nature’s wonders often come with bouts of unpredictability. The video was captured by a couple as they drove across the serene landscapes of Alberta but were halted by an unexpected four-legged guest.

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While the man and his wife Cody headed to the parking lot, they were greeted by a herd of horn sheep. Among the herd was an intruder who made the entire experience thrilling for the couple as well as the cyclist who rode across them. Let us find out more about the encroacher.  

Grizzly comes in the way of a cyclist


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Recorded after getting out of their car, the couple captured an unexpected sight of a grizzly bear charging the sheep herd down the highway while the pristine mountains lay at the back. The animal was trying to pursue his prey among the group which was a sight to watch. 

However, the video reaches the peak moment when the bear while chasing the sheep came close to a cyclist as he passed by. Both the man and the bear were only a few inches apart, which sent chills to the viewers watching the video. While the man posted the video on Instagram, in the caption shares their experience that grizzly bears are swift and agile in their action when they intend to chase prey. Chasing down the sheep for quite some time, the animal finally gives up and heads to the sideway.

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Based on the information provided by the Bike Mag, during the fall season, bears become incredibly active and invade localities in search of food to stockpile their resources to survive all through the winter hibernation. Hence, while sharing the territory with these magnificent animals while they are on a quest for survival certain safety precautions must be adhered to.  

Measures to be taken care of during outdoor adventures during fall


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Even though dusk and dawn are associated with the peak bear activity hours, the video captured during the afternoon provides a stark reminder that even in broad daylight there remains a possibility of surprising encounters. It is advisable to carry bear spray while venturing into the territory where bear attacks are common both while cycling, driving, or hiking.

The spray acts as a crucial tool as it creates a deterrent cloud when sprayed. Even though it does not guarantee safety, it provides precious seconds to defend oneself or escape during a bear encounter. Besides, even at the time of encounter safe distance must be mentioned and out of curiosity heading near the wild animals may lead to danger. Furthermore, it is advisable to venture out in large groups, since with the noise bears are alerted reducing chances of surprise encounters. 

In the meantime, the video has gone viral on social media and the comment section holds interesting comments. One viewer commented “Dude on the bike has never pedaled harder” while the other wrote “National geographic level sh*t 🐻”


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Even though unpredictability and wildlife go hand in hand, it is the responsibility of the hikers or riders to be respectful, vigilant, and prepared while heading into the territory that is shared by the animals. The video captures the splendor of the Alberta wilds while reminding us that at this place human beings are the guests in the bears’ enclave.  

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