VIDEO: Disrespectful Student Faces UFC-Style Backlash From Peers After Attempting to Attack Teacher

Schoolyard brawls? Well, those are just part of the growing-up package, until they start putting teachers in the ring! Suddenly, it’s not ABC, it’s UFC! In an unforeseen plot twist, what started as an ordinary school day quickly transformed into a scene straight out of the UFC arena!

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You see, when it comes to handling situations, some folks have a knack for thinking outside the box. And boy did things take an unexpected turn in a recent viral video that has been making the rounds! Hailing from a Russian school, this footage captured a showdown of epic proportions. The cast? A classroom full of spirited young lads, and one seasoned teacher who was clearly not in the mood for shenanigans!

UFC chokehold brings unruly student under control


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A viral video circulating on X gave a glimpse of exactly that. The video clip was from a Russian school where a student misbehaved with an old teacher. Uploaded by ‘TopStreetFights’ the video showed a classroom full of boys and an old aged teacher. The teacher looked visibly angry and was shouting at one student. He slowly approached the misbehaving and student and tried to grab his attention. The student was not paying attention in class because he was wearing earphones. This behavior annoyed the teacher, who responded with anger.

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As the teacher approached the boy and tried to snatch his earphones away, the student did not take the whole thing well and got really angry. He stood up in anger and tried to punch the old teacher UFC style. Before he could do so, all the other students in the class jumped to the aid of their teacher.

They surrounded the boy and pulled him back. Then, one of them got him into a UFC-like chokehold and did not let go till the boy asked for mercy. He tried to fight back but was rocked in the head with another punch, UFC style, straight to the head. The boys in the class collectively threw him out of class.

Netizens in awe of students

The group efforts of the students impressed users on the internet. The respect they had for their teacher won the hearts of many online. Here are some of the top comments.

This user said these students were definitely getting good grades after their heroic efforts.

This user was all praise for the youth of Russians.

Steve called the Russians good for doing what they did in the video.

This user said the old teacher did break the earphones during his interaction with the student.

Richard was very impressed with what he say and praised the kids in the video.


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Sara called them Students of the Year for their efforts.

In another similar case of a school fight, a teacher got caught at the wrong end. Two boys were involved in what was quite a violent scuffle. A teacher saw it unfold and rushed to control the situation, but ended up causing trouble for himself. In the pursuit of stopping the violence, the teacher himself got knocked out amidst all the violence and chaos.


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In the grand scheme of things, this impromptu UFC-style showdown is a reminder that sometimes, life throws you a curveball. Whether you’re grappling with quadratic equations or with your own bravado, remember: in the school of hard knocks, you might just end up in a literal knockdown! What are your thoughts about the video? Let us know in the comment section below.

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