VIDEO: Iowa Cheerleader Handles Viral Stardom With Hilarious Reactions After Epic Wardrobe Malfunction

“…it was because I felt a slight breeze between my legs,” recalls an Iowa cheerleader with a chuckle who rose to fame over social media overnight. Little was he aware that a timid gush of wind would change his life in a moment.

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In the realm of the online world, it’s quite unpredictable to know who will rise to fame at the very next moment. This is the tale of a cheerleader who dealt with the sudden viral stardom uniquely and quite remarkably.

From cheerleading drill to viral fame


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Meet Austin Beam, who quite unexpectedly fell into the spotlight. Last Saturday, Austin Beam was performing stunts that he has been doing for quite a few years now. However, things suddenly went out of plan. 

Beam was somersaulting during the practice in his yellow uniform. While he was about to land, his pants suddenly fell off. Beam shared what his immediate reaction was to the awkward moment, “Sure enough I land, looked down, and there’s my pants”. But he handled the situation like a pro and immediately pulled his pants up. Here is the exact footage that took Beam to the pinnacle of viral stardom.

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In the video, Beam’s peers’ hilarious and stunned reactions are quite visible. Beam said, “Just really surprised that it happened. Don’t think that many people saw it”. Contrary to his beliefs, someone did not only just see it but also captured the moment on camera. 

Beam was not aware of the fact that his epic pants mishap was already getting millions of views. He shared a conversation he had with a member of the student section, “One of the front row members of the student section was like ‘hey!’ I was like ‘hello? What’s up?’,“They were like ‘you’re on ESPN! and I was like ‘me?’”.

Amidst all the sudden changes, Beam shared his surprising journey to Iowa State. “…actually grew up with Iowa State fans, my whole family, so when I came here, it was kind of a sin, but I always wanted to be a biomedical engineer, “ said Beam. He wanted to be a biomedical engineer after he was inspired to receive a brace to fix a childhood chest deformity.

Keeping calm under pressure

The way Beam suddenly became the prime topic of discussion amongst all, his family shared a voice of concern. The Iowa sophomore further added about what his family had asked him, “…are you ok? are you embarrassed?” But irrespective of everything, Beam took the incident in a cool way, “…is pretty funny I can’t lie. I catch myself giggling at it,”.


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“OK good we think it’s hilarious too we just didn’t want to make you feel bad.”, responded his family.

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Keeping his spirits high, Beam is all buckled up to handle the fame and shame in his unique manner. While his upcoming ventures are not too far, Beam shared how he has prepared himself. “I’m just going to tie (my pants) a smidge bit tighter this time… a lot a bit tighter a lot a bit tighter this time”, said he.


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Beyond the hilarity and newfound stardom, Beam came out to be a strong, resilient young cheerleader, who’s passionate about his professional ground. What are your views about this? Share with us in the comment section.

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