VIDEO: Jaw-Dropping Showdown Unfolds as Words Escalate to a Brutal UFC-Style KO with the Cops

The saying goes, “Fortune favors the brave”. It’s always good to be a hero and show your courage to topple your opponents. However, a little too much of anything is always harmful. You don’t have to be oozing with bravery at every point in your life. This often leads to some of the most regrettable situations in life. Recently, a similar incident happened that made us realize that sometimes backing off can be a wise choice. 

America’s Favorite Video Today

In a newly uploaded video on Twitter, now known as X, we can see a classic example of how a person gets humiliated. Well, to start things off, he did call it upon himself to a large extent. Let’s delve into today’s story and experience the embarrassing incident that followed. 

Man put to sleep by brutal UFC knock-out


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The clip in question was uploaded by an account named Street Fight King. A fairly chaotic situation can be seen with several men arguing in the opening scenes. While we know that the happenings transpired at one of the EAST END outlets, the exact location of the fight has been confirmed. A person dressed in a grey, full-sleeved t-shirt can be spotted moving around aggressively. As the video went on, the person seemed to become more and more agitated than ever. 

A tall and sturdily built man in a white tee and grey cap can be seen arguing with the guy in white. However, even as the one in grey shoved the person several times, the white one did not lose his cool. It appeared as if he was trying to content the one with the grey shirt. It was at this moment that the inner superhero took over the one in the grey tee. He tried to attack a guard by punching him in the face. 

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The move, unfortunately, did not end well for the person. The guard charged at him with one swift blow and knocked him out cold. The impact and the swiftness with which the punch was delivered would have surely made any UFC professional proud. However, as street fights continue to be a headache for the US government, a similar fight broke out previously. 

Daring escape of suspect after fighting with cops shocked the city


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Another video went viral on X, where a man could be spotted engaged in a verbal confrontation with a cop. This incident unfolded at a street basketball court. What followed next stunned the onlookers and viewers.

The situation suddenly escalated to a height, and the man started to blow a punch against the cop. The officer tried to get hold of him but received continuous violent punches from him.


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Before the cops could catch the man, he escaped from the place immediately. Such videos send shock waves among netizens and onlookers. The audacious moves of these men leave people in disbelief. What are your views on these incidents? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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