VIDEO: Lotto Famenne Ardenne Classic Witnesses a ‘Yakety Sax’ Moment as Arnaud De Lie Rides With One Leg and Wins

The cycling sport is known for testing the athletes’ tenacity, willpower, and endurance. In a recent incident, the world of cycling witnessed a remarkable incident in Belgium on Sunday. Even though only a few people are acquainted with the name Arnaud De Lie, the cyclist has been the cynosure of the event. 

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Lie’s exceptional performance in the final moments of the 117-mile race exhibited his resilience elevating the world of cycling to the pedestal of respect. Let us delve into this article to find out the valiant act. 

The exclusive finish for the extraordinary cycling sprint


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The race throughout was like any other cycling race, however, as the peloton approached the last stop a remarkable moment led to an unforgettable sprint finish. While the 21-year-old Belgian cyclist, Arnaud De Lie, was on his way to a triumphant victory leaping ahead of all the other competitors in the last hundred yards, an unexpected twist set in. 

While the endpoint was tantalizingly close, catastrophe doomed when De Lie’s foot unexpectedly unclipped from his pedal. Coasting at a high speed, the moment was on the brink of turning into a disaster increasing the chances of a deadly crash just a few feet away.

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However, De Lie set an ideal example of himself by staying composed instead of surrendering to despair. The cyclist shared his views with the Global Cycling Network, “I broke my pedal, my chain fell off, but luckily I still got into the big ring. Of course there was some panic, but because I still managed to get the chain on the big ring, I was able to pedal a bit. Perhaps, that is why I could win.”

Unfortunate mishap leads to De Lie’s gitty triumph 


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Witnessing the frantic moment with the victory slipping away and the finish line within reach, De Lie retained his fortitude and continued with one foot preserving his forward momentum. The cyclist’s struggle has left a heart-pounding moment for the spectators. Even amidst much tension, parallels have been drawn about the situation with the classic “Yakety Sax’’ theme. The one-legged pedaling act is associated with a comedic twist in the macrocosm of professional cycling.  

Even though the situation continued to propound hurdles on his way to victory, his grit and courage left the audience in awe. On his way to securing his 10th victory for the season, he triumphed in beating the two other cycling legends namely Kaden Groves and Florian Sénéchal who secured the runner-up positions. 

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Apart from this win, his WorldTour victory at the Grand Prix Quebec along with his success at the Lotto Famenne Ardenne Classic brought him into the spotlight. 


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The world of sports yet again witnessed that there prevails the slimmest margins between triumph and defeat and it is only through ceaseless persistence that victory can be accomplished. Arnaud De Lie has emblemed his name in the world of professional cycling by showcasing his indomitable spirit defying all expectations. 

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