VIDEO: Man Swinging His Golf Club Sends Ball into Neighbor’s Car, Breaking Window and Attracting Hilarious Reactions from Netizens

Multiple people, especially since the advent of the lockdown, set up indoor golf courses in their garages, in an attempt to pass their time and indulge in an activity that is quite dear to them. The protagonist in this video, or the ‘smasher’ should we say, wanted to do something on those very lines, in his mini and makeshift garage set up.

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Donning crocs and all set to smash the golf ball out of the park, with the ball laid out on a carpet, he was all excited to show off his brand new club, TaylorMade Burner Bubble Shaft 3-wood to his buddy visiting.

Golf or Glass Smash? Man wrecks neighbors car


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A viral video circulating on social media showed the instance when a harmless round of golf in the garage turned into a small nightmare for this man. Uploaded on Twitter, now X, by the page ‘Wild Content‘, the page truly lived up to its name with the video. The video dated back to 2021, a period of peak Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, where homes turned into a multi-faceted entertainment unit for all.

Perhaps his excitement got the better of him, as he took a mighty swing but only managed to break the club head of and also smash the glass of his neighbor’s SUV. This was not the first time he was dealing with something like this, as he revealed that a similar incident happened with him when he was 11, only then it was his mother’s car.

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The situation now was completely different, with it being someone else’s car. His PTSD kicked in and the man wondered what would the conversation with his neighbor be like. While his mother paid $2000 all those years ago, this time it was his turn to burn a hole in his pocket.


Golf set ups in the garages are quite famous in America but this hilarious and bizarre video was the first of its kind on the internet. The man’s reaction after smashing the glass made for some great comedy. The video, originally uploaded on TikTok, generated over 200000 views.

Internet cannot control itself after man’s tomfoolery

The internet was in splits after watching the hilarious video. Let’s take a look at some of the best comments about the clip.

Goodz.eth said that the man hit the ball a little too hard.

MrAGull pointed out that he broke the club head in the process too.

This user believed that the man knew exactly what was coming and did it cause he didn’t like his neighbour.

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Doombot was in awe of how quickly the window broke and enjoyed the little mishap.


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This user uploaded a hilarious GIF that truly captured the essence of the video.


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The man’s shock and disbelief at what happened after he broke the glass was truly hilarious. The neighbor and him are certainly going to have a fun-filled conversation.

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