VIDEO: Street Fight Escalates as Woman Uses UFC Techniques on a Transgender Woman

 Street fighting has been a very common thing in the streets of the US. It turns brutal very quickly because horrifying and hard punches are thrown into the conflicts. A recent incident depicts just the same where a woman goes crazy with her opponent as she lands multiple UFC-style punches on the helpless opponent.

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The background is a bit gloomy, and the visibility looks less, but she captured the whole fight, and the punches delivered by her were horrifying to see as they were powerful, like a UFC fighter

A woman goes to full UFC


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The incident happened in the low light, probably in the night hours. A bunch of kids giggling and laughing about the street fight that is happening in front of them. In those gloomy scenes, we see a woman capitalizing on her opponent by landing instant quick and very hard UFC-style punches.

At no time in the fight, her opponent gets a chance to come back at her. She made the fight one-sided with her powerful punches. Maybe the kids were laughing at the time, but the person on the receiving end did not enjoy this at all. There are many moments where the one who gets knocked out or beaten down ends up with a horrifying injury.

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During the fight, a man tried to walk away but got punched from behind. He fell to the ground and broke his neck. It is chilly to watch the way he falls on those sidewalks.

The destruction in the street fight by the girl brought a lot of attention to social media.

Reactions on social media

A lot of comments came in after this brutal UFC altercation went online.

This comment refers to the brutal demolition done by the girl to her opponent.

This comment makes a harsh point for the opponent because the uploaded video captioned “Trans woman beat up by a girl.

This comment talks about the power that the girl presented while landing those brutal blows on her opponent.

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This comment and nearly every comment have the same reflection. It is a pretty one-sided fight, and it is stunning to see a girl going gorillas on her opponent.


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