VIDEO: The Camera Captures a Scary Moment as a Great White Shark Completely Ignores a Surfer Paddling Right Next to It

Imagine being a surfer and riding in the ocean’s gentle blue swells on your surfboard. Now, how would it seem for you to share the waves and the experience with a great shark who marks terror in the hearts of beachgoers worldwide? Maybe your heart would scream out of fear. But what happened in the azure waters of Southern California goes beyond imagination.

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Beneath the paradise of Southern California’s surf scene, an extraordinary scene is unfolding. Apex predators of the deep have unexpectedly shown up in the line-up and share a surf with other surfers. Hold on to your surfboards as we dive into a world where the predators of the sea show us their surprising and whimsical behavior.

Surfing with the young great white sharks


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Lately, young great white sharks have been seen more frequently in the Southern California lineups. In a recent video posted on Instagram, the young titans of the sea can be seen giving a look of inquisition to the surfers, but did not bother to consider them as his prey.

The ocean’s top predators are defying the historical image they are supposed to carry. As they ride the waves, he gives zero attention to his neighbours. 

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The video was posted by Trystan Gordon-Snodgrass from the Instagram handle @drone_dude_trystan. The surfers were unaware of the presence of their companion but as they spotted a drone whizzing above their head, they spotted the majestic creature.

Gordon-Snodgrass captioned the video, “This decent sized white took active measures to avoid the most dangerous animal on the planet (guess which one that is?), these days when surfers see a drone above them they know to look around and this guy spotted the white as it just slowly cruised through the line-up, having zero interest in the surfers.”


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Sharks and surfers: surprising connection 

In search of their preferred prey which includes small fishes and stingrays, the sharks treat the San Diego line-up as their hotspot. In the video, we can see a juvenile white shark mingling with the surfers in the green waters. It is meandering through the waters. 

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Startling and mind-blogging information is soon to change the notions people have regarding sharks. A new study from Cal State University Long Beach’s Shark Lab showed that 97% of the time sharks were in the water accompanying the surfers in southern California. This incident has been a testimony defying the pre-existing notions regarding the titans of the ocean.

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