“Was a Travesty”: Oscar Piastri’s Close Aide Attacks Alpine as McLaren Undoes Injustice

Anyone keeping up with the F1 world before 2023 would remember the hysterics triggered by the confusion of the Driver’s title at Suzuka 2022. The surprised Max Verstappen‘s reaction at being told that he won the 2022 WDC is one of the biggest memes in the community. The drama and confusion that ensued was worth the F1 TV subscription. However, another spectacle that unfolded behind the scenes was much less ‘all jokes’, pushing two teams into a legal battle. The Australian rookie driver, Oscar Piastri who hadn’t yet revved up the engine of an F1 car seemingly found himself in a three-way crash.

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However, for Piastri, his rise to fame in Formula 1 wasn’t limited to the judiciary. On the grid, he has managed to wow every onlooker. He started the season on a backfoot. Yet, now, he threatens the unstoppable Verstappen for the win. Piastri’s manager, Mark Webber reflects on the rookie driver’s potential.

Oscar Piastri should’ve been on the grid believes Webber


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The Australian driver did not have a racing contract until Fernando Alonso left the French Outfit.  However, for Mark Webber, this came a little too late. He had already rallied McLaren for his Australian successor. Not too happy with the developments, Szafnauer attacked Piastri’s integrity and loyalty to Alpine. But all too familiar with this treatment, Webber, came to his manager’s defense, leading to a gruesome and heavily publicized case.

After almost a year, Webber remarked according to RacingNews365, “It wasn’t too comforting for us last year knowing where he could end up. I was extremely nervous and frustrated that he did not race last year.” Although the British Outfit did not have a strong start in 2023, the upgrades post Silverstone have made Webber reflect, he said, “We see what we missed. To have a guy like that not racing was a travesty and was killing me inside.”

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The climactic fall of Alpine from grace could possibly be the new ‘Drive to Survive’ episode. But the progress of McLaren screams way louder than the French Outfit. “McLaren was brilliant, right from the top. The shareholders, all the way through to make sure they got him. Now they’ve got two phenomenal drivers,” the former Red Bull driver insisted.

The re-emerging McLaren of Piastri from DNFs to podiums

With the departure of the Honey Badger from McLaren, Piastri made a quick move to the Wokey Outfit. He was one of the most sought-after drivers in F1 due to his brilliant junior career. Never meandering, Piastri remains one of the most calm and collected drivers on the grid. After his second DNF of the season in Belgium, he has reversed and shot up as ‘the best rookie since Hamilton’.


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Give him a good car and he could give you a championship. Oscar Piastri teased his potential at the Qatar Grand Prix. He scored podiums in both, the sprint and the Sunday race. Piastri gave his papaya army a taste of the ’88 F1 season when Aryton Senna and Alain Prost dominated the grid in their McLarens Now, with one of the best driver line-ups on the grid, McLaren is emerging as the biggest threat to Red Bull for the 2024 season.

Successfully building a Red Bull-lookalike, the British Outfit is enjoying something of a renaissance. They not only managed to knock Red Bull off their record of the fastest pitstop, but the team is 11 points behind Aston Martin. Their trajectory only points to them washing hands in the downfall of AMR as they re-route their development to finish fourth in the constructors’.


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The chaos at Alpine between the drivers and the team management has increased multifold. The management behind Piastri and his fans are glad, the rookie of the year did not go down the French tracks.

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