“We Gotta Check Rock Differently”: Fuming Paul George Strips “Lil Bro” Tag Off Devin Booker, Reigniting Rivalry Built on Klay Thompson’s Honest Admission

Over the years, NBA fans have witnessed several on-court beefs. It is quite natural in the world of competitive sports. A similar on-the-court rivalry paved its way outside the court as well. The feud between Paul George and Devin Booker is not unknown to the NBA world.

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The LA Clippers and the Phoenix Suns stars seem to have a hostile relationship. The start of all this dates back to January 2021 during the match between these Western Conference teams. Cameron Payne of the Suns landed on George. After that, Payne’s teammate Booker came to the scene and called George ‘soft’. Following that, George went and asked him to watch his mouth. The two kept beefing throughout, even after that.

But what brings them together on a controversial note suddenly?


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“Check Rock Differently!”

George, while conversing with Taylor Rooks, discussed various aspects in the video uploaded by Bleacher Report on YouTube. Eventually, his fight with Booker came up, and PG was not reluctant to answer. When asked if he would want to play Devon in an NBA 2K game, George promptly answers wittily. “Nah, we got to check Rock differently” and bursted out laughing.

PG exclaims how Booker was like a little brother when he came to the league, and then suddenly the situation changed. “He was little bro when he came in the league, you know, and then all of a sudden you know, temperature changed. And where now? It’s a line that was passed, uh, you know“. It is evidently clear from the above lines that the verbal war between them is not ending anytime soon.

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The Klay Thompson Link

Podcast P, a show conducted by Paul himself, created another controversy in the meantime. The conversation was with Klay Thompson, who answered about his on-court hassle with Booker back in 2022. He reportedly displayed 4 fingers to Booker in reference to his four championship rings. He regrets having taunted Booker on that occasion. “I’m not really proud of that one,” Thompson said.

Thompson added that he was overwhelmed that day and Booker was busting his mood that day. But at the same time, he doesn’t appreciate what he did either. Klay said that his rings are all over Wikipedia and he doesn’t need to show them off.


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Booker took to social media with appreciation for Thompson, mentioning George by saying, “Is that the answer u was looking for?“. George replied to this by saying, “That’s Klay’s answer. I asked a question, Klay gave his response. I don’t know what that was supposed to mean. Sorry a— response“. Their conflict is on a never-ending campaign.

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