“What Else Happened”: Soon After Jake Paul Shares Street Fight Clip of His Employee Landing a Clean Right on Nelk Boys’ Teammate, Restless Fans Demand Him to Release Entire Footage

Jake Paul has called out his fair share of fighters in both MMA and boxing. However, no one expected one of his employees to do the same thing. Who is this employee? He works for Jake’s sports betting app Betr and goes by the name Betrderek on Instagram. Recently, Jake Paul shared a clip on his Instagram story. In the clip, Derek Sullivan, his employee, landed a crazy right-hand counter on Aaron Steinberg, also known as ‘Steiny’ from Nelk Boys

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Sullivan has gained significant popularity recently. During Jake’s fight with Nate Diaz, Sullivan claimed he could beat Nate’s brother. He has even insulted Sean O’Malley in the past. But, in his most recent attempt to secure a boxing match, Sullivan called out ‘Steiny.’ Later, the pair ended up fighting on the street while being filmed. Here’s the twist! Instead of sharing the whole clip, Jake and his Betr company shared a portion of the clip. The clip portrayed Sullivan winning the fight. In response to the clip shared by Jake, fans started demanding the entire video.

Fans ask Jake Paul for the complete video


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Because most users had seen the original clip, the theme in the comment section was about the full video. However, the post saw one or two supportive comments as well.

One user wrote, “Post the whole fight? Derek lost lol.” Here, the user is referring to the complete video shared by Nelk Boys on YouTube. Moreover, the user claims he has seen the complete video, and Sullivan loses the fight in it.

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Another user questioned why just the portion of Sullivan hitting ‘Steiny’ is uploaded and asked what happened after the punch. The user sarcastically tries to mock Jake for not sharing the whole clip. The user wrote, “Why you only show one hit? What else happened?”

While others caught up to Jake’s attempt to portray Sullivan as the better fighter, this user seems to take the video at face value. The user inquired if Sullivan is the best at countering by writing, “Counter god???”


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The next user expressed his respect for ‘Steiny’ because he agreed to the fight even while drunk. Despite the praise, the user claimed ‘Steiny’ is a liability to the Nelk Boys. The user wrote, “As much Steiny is a big time liabilitiy anyone that’s willing to throw down right away after a couple of drinks has my respect period lol.” 

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One user asserted ‘Steiny’ has had a better boxing career than Logan Paul. The user wrote, “Steiny has a better boxing record than Logan Paul.” Here, the user tried to take a dig at Logan through his statement. It’s worth noting, ‘Steiny’ has not fought professionally like Logan.


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Despite Sullivan landing a clean hit on ‘Steiney,’ fans did not fall for Jake’s attempt to trick them. What’s more, if the response from the fans is any evidence, ‘Steiny’ is clearly the favorite. But what’s your take on the video? Do you think Sullivan won?

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