Wine and Baseball? Inside Evan Goldstein’s Tasty Mission

In the world of sports, innovation knows no bounds. The San Francisco Giants are leading the charge with an unprecedented addition to their roster. Meet Evan Goldstein, the first-ever master sommelier in professional sports. His mission is something we have never seen before.

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He is all set to transform the ordinary ballpark experience into an extraordinary fusion of baseball and fine wine. As we learn more about him, it becomes extremely clear that this visionary is more than just a wine connoisseur. He’s a game-changer, creating waves of excitement among Giants fans.

A Perfect Pairing: Wine and Baseball


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Evan Goldstein’s story unfolds against the backdrop of San Francisco’s Oracle Park, where wine has been a part of the fan experience since 1977. However, with the arrival of Goldstein, the Giants are setting a new standard. Goldstein’s deep-rooted connection to both San Francisco and wine makes him the ideal candidate for this groundbreaking role. Growing up in the Bay Area, his early foray into the world of wine management began at his mother’s restaurant, Square One. He credits this as the foundation for his illustrious career.

Goldstein’s journey to becoming a master sommelier at just 26 years old was nothing short of remarkable. His love for wine, combined with his passion for the Giants, gave birth to this extraordinary collaboration. The proximity of Oracle Park to the renowned wine country of California provides Goldstein with an abundance of options. This ensures a diverse and exceptional wine selection for fans.

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Under Goldstein’s guidance, the Giants have elevated their wine offerings. They now cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets. He believes in democratizing wine, making it accessible to all fans.

To him, it does not matter whether they prefer a $400 bottle or a $10 one. Goldstein’s inclusive approach has struck a chord with fans. According to him, many are now choosing a glass of wine over the traditional ballpark beer.


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Encouraging Skeptics: The Power of Wine

While some fans remain steadfast in their preference for beer, Goldstein sees an opportunity to engage even the staunchest skeptics. He relishes the chance to make them pause and consider the world of wine.  “At the end of the season, if I can get them to stop for a moment and think about it, and maybe next time they’ll try it, or maybe they’ll try it again, we’ve done our job.

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In the heart of the game, with the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat, Evan Goldstein’s mission goes beyond the field. He’s a trailblazer, proving that wine and baseball can indeed be the perfect pairing. With each sip and every game, he’s changing the way fans experience baseball, one glass of wine at a time.


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The San Francisco Giants have ushered in a new era of sports entertainment with the introduction of Evan Goldstein, the master sommelier. His passion for wine and lifelong devotion to the Giants have blended seamlessly to create an unforgettable experience for fans at Oracle Park.

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