Wisconsin High School Teacher While Juggling Roles Is Set to Shine for US at UCI World Cup

It is incredible when you can get the best of both worlds. To excel in two entirely different domains is truly remarkable, offering a unique perspective. Casey Hildebrandt of Wausau is aware of this applying to his life. On weekdays, he is an educator at Wausau High School; come to the weekend, he transforms into a fierce competitive cyclist, displaying mastery in both arenas!

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In fact, he is set to compete in the next UCI Cyclocross World Cup for the United States this weekend. But competing while having a double life came in quite unexpectedly. Hildebrandt had been a competitive cyclist when he was younger, but after graduating from college, he dropped the skill. Let us delve into the article and explore the remarkable man’s story!

Revived from hiatus, Hildebrandt conquers cycling


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Hildebrandt says he started teaching after putting cycling on pause. After not having cycled competitively for three or four years, he got back to his passion, and things started picking up from there. In Wausau, preparing for the race wasn’t just a casual affair. It was a serious community event where everyone gathered weekly to sharpen their skills and prepare to win. This came out to be quite beneficial for Hildebrandt, who was starting at ground level to build a name for himself.

While traveling back and forth has, in no way, been a breeze for Hildebrandt, he says he has the right support system. “The past three weeks in a row I was flying back and forth to the east coast. So it gets to be a lot, but the school district’s been really good to work with, they’re pretty supportive,” he said.

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Unfortunately, Wausau cannot compare to the European cyclocross courses, so naturally, Hildebrandt and his peers have to improvise. Still, to their good fate, Three “M” Park is the closest thing to the courses that are accessible to the public cycling community in Wausau.

Homegrown hear braces for muddy World Cup

Another crucial aspect of the World Cup, especially this year, is that the weather will play a very important part. Beginning in Waterloo, Wisconsin, the race this weekend is likely to be a mud-fest due to heavy downpours. This means the condition of the tracks will be changing constantly, even from one lap to another. According to Hildebrandt, this will take some time to get used to. However, the athlete is prepared for the challenge. Hildebrandt has met his goal of representing his country and, this weekend, he will be doing that in his home state.


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Given his journey, it is no surprise that Hildebrandt is also a big believer in following your dreams. “Basically if you have a dream, you’ve just got to go after it, and put everything into it and see how good you can be,” Hildebrandt said. The man who is one of 14 Americans to be participating in the World Cup, has left everyone in anticipation! What are your thoughts about the story? Let us know in the comment section below!

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