xQc Left Furious As He Loses $820K on the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis Fight

Popular streaming icon xQc has made the headlines again, unfortunately for a big bummer loss this time. The creator has claimed to have lost around eight hundred twenty thousand dollars and the reason is Logan Paul‘s big clash against Dillon Danis on Saturday. Well, it seems like the anti-climactic victory of Logan Paul in Manchester did not align with xQc’s big bet. 

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The Twitch icon is no stranger to making the news for his betting and gambling. In fact, a lot of times xQc has been subjected to some controversies around his gambling streams. However, contrary to the criticism, xQc has enjoyed a fair share of gambling in recent times. But the fortunate run might have changed in the last few hours as the creator lost his bets on the hyped fight and thnat too, by a margin of seconds! 

xQc is furious as he unleashes heat on the disqualification decision


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According to xQc’s latest confession on X, the streamer suffered a heavy financial loss due to the abrupt end of the co-feature before the KSI and Tommy Fury clash. The latter revealed how the decision of Danis’ disqualification just two seconds before Paul’s conventional victory resulted in the bummer. “HOW IS THAT A DQ? 2 SECONDS ON THE CLOCK? THIS @dillondanis DECIDES TO TROLL AND I LOSE $820K????HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW?????”, xQc wrote in a furious tweet. 

For context, Logan Paul was dominating the fight, but Danis’ antics led to disqualification just before the winner could be announced through scores. The MMA fighter decided to abandon the boxing rules and took on Paul through a grapple, resulting in an immediate disqualification as the officials intruded the ring. What makes the scenario more frustrating is the fact that Paul was technically moments away from stealing the victory by points. 

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Unexpected turn of events prevents xQc from winning big


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The fight between the influencer and boxer Logan Paul and MMA fighter Dillon Danis was highly anticipated by the fans for a while due to the controversies that surrounded the duo. While the world is disappointed to witness a cold clash that was being pitched as the big thriller of the year, xQc has many more reasons to be furious at the results. 

Although the streamer had made the right choice by betting on Logan Paul for the fight, an evil tactical move by his opponent led to a rather different result. It is uncertain exactly how much money xQc placed on the fight or what outcome they bet on, although prior to the bout, some betting platforms gave Paul +310 odds to win by decision. Given these odds, xQc would have been just seconds away from earning a big payoff, a possible profit of over a million, if he had staked $820,000 on Paul to win by decision.


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There’s a lesson for all xQc fans that fate doesn’t always go in favor of your gamble. So, a reminder to be wise with your next bet! 

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